Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plotting along

A few years ago I took Rossie's pledge to show progress. Up until now, I would sit down to work on a quilt and the next thing I knew it was done. Yesterday was a first. I actually grabbed a snapshot of all of the pieces cut & on the wall. 

And then another of the design. 

Now this quilt started as a request from my mother to make her a quilt that was part of a duvet cover. So, here I am wondering what the best way to quilt it is? I plan on using very light batting as to make going over the seams easier. (A lesson learned in another quilt). 

While dearest mother was visiting, the quilt conversation happened, as it does with everyone I meet... will you make me a quilt? So, mother & I went shopping for ideas and so that I could make sure she loved her quilt. (For more that the fact that I made it for her.) I know she loves Art Nouveau and much of the art from the 1920's. So we found this panel: 

It is the perfect color combination and style she loves.

Next I had to come up with the pattern, that was a long process. Trying to find a way to showcase the panel and be large enough to cover a queen size comforter. Then came the buying & cutting. Yes, a good portion of the fabric came from my stash. I still needed to buy a bit more, mostly to round out the design. 

Now, I am trying to think about the quilting. So far, we, Hubs & I, have agreed that we will most likely use 3 colors for the quilting, Aurifil variegated in greens, creams and pinks. I am trying to determine if I need to take the duvet cover apart to quilt it? As mother wants to be able to put a comforter inside. If I don't take it apart how difficult is it going to be to quilt the upper corners? And what type of quilting. We, Hubs & I, know that the more it's going to be used the more it needs to be quilted, but how, is the question?