Monday, February 21, 2011

Sewing list updated

Snoopy quilt: hand quilting is 1/2 way done, then to bind

Gargoyle: still cutting and placing, almost 3k hexies is a large task. It has come to the office to fill my lunch hour.

A&M: designed (log cabin using the quilt as you go method), need to cut, piece & bind. Anyone have any luck with adding borders to a quilt as you go or fun & done?

Dad's welding caps: always on the list.

Sister: wants something with keys but not too "jazzy" (her words). Plotting, planning designing is in the works. Next time we are both in the same town there will be shopping. I love her dearly.

New commission: Pandora from the Lady Death comic, sort of designed (pandora's box in red black & white or grey) then to acquire fabric, cut, piece, quilt (still planning that) bind & send or give (if I am in the area).

5 pay it forward projects:

  1. Dusty ~ something in blue, need to design, cut, piece, baste, quilt, bind & send/give.
  2. Marie ~ something in red (may use a few pieces of the Boop fabric), need to design, cut, piece, baste, quilt, bind & send.
  3. Thelma ~ Chit chat fun & done in purple, green & blue, need to cut, piece, bind and give/send.
  4. Sandy ~ no bloody clue; not even sure if the gift is going to be quilty.
  5. Mother Dearest ~ Ohio star, need to cut, piece, baste, quilt, bind & send/give. 
Wedding quilt: at the moment I am considering Storm @ Sea (not sure if that bodes well for the marriage). She loves pinks & yellows. I may post pone the making until Happy Mochi Yum Yum is available. 

Baby quilt 1: Owls and nature for a boy, I think will be perfect, no? then all I will need to do is cut, piece, baste, quilt, bind & send. 

Baby quilt 2: not sure what the mother wants, its a boy, so the whole process is on hold until ideas / direction is given.

Baby quilt 3: again no clue on the mothers plans for the nursery, not even sure on the sex yet. So temporarily on hold. 

Between now & the end of the year more things may get thrown into the mix. And each of the projects I want to complete this year. Especially the Gargoyle & A&M quilts. They have been on my to do list for a few years. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hold that thought and other ramblings

So just before Christmas my baby sister asked me to make her a quilt for her bed. Then the conversation started as to what do you want and what colors. She wanted 2 big keys on a key ring, in grays and blacks. So when she came up to ski we spent a few minutes at an modern fabric shop looking at what she likes & doesn't like. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. We were both online: she is in Dallas & I am in Denver. I sent her to look at and a few other places. She found a key pattern she loves. Just yesterday I received an email regarding the closing of a local quilt shop. So I sent my sister online to chose fabric for me to get for her quilt. Then thought that followed it was: quilt as you go. I learned about it last week in a class in Grand Junction. New thought for the pattern is to look for key scrapbook stuffs. And put together blocks with alternating positive and negative patterns. Off to Home Depot, Michaels, and Jo-Anns to see what "templates" I can find.

Now for the ramblings: I am working for a second degree. This time in Sociology, so I can get my Masters in Sociology. I specifically want to do something with Art & Sociology. My first degree is in Fine Art, emphasis in Printmaking. This semester I am taking classes online. Procrastination Nation. Now the urge is to quilt rather than work on school work.

Task list for the weekend:
Finish reading 3 chapters
Take 3 quizzes
Read other chapters for Stats class
States homework
Write 3 posts regarding the 3 chapters and how they relates to my research project.