Friday, September 24, 2010

And yes quilting is a social art

This is what I want to study:

SOCY 548aThe Sociology of the Arts: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives.

This seminar examines sociological perspectives on the arts and popular culture. Emphasis is given to the conceptualization of the arts and popular culture within sociological theory, as well as the interpretation of cultural representations and artifacts, art works, film, music, literature, and so on. Students are exposed to a range of classical and contemporary perspectives and styles of analysis, from the normative to the strictly empirical.
How do I get there? Once I get there, what do I do with it?

In this era of globalization, many aspects of social life span national boundaries. In his book, Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson stressed the role of the media in creating nations. How does the relationship between art, culture, and society change when communities cross national borders? What role does the media play in creating new kinds of publics? Th is course examines the globalization of the artistic and cultural worlds and how artistic products change in response. We will look at high and popular cultural forms of painting, music, fi lm, and writing. We will explore the interactions between artists, their audiences, and the curators, editors, and music industry moguls who are the gatekeepers of the culture industry.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

oooohhhh Yummy

And odd thing is occurring: the more quilters I follow = the more giveaways there are.

This one is yummy, fun, funky Christmas fabric. I would make some welding hats for dad. And other quilty things for people. Maybe even a pair of the kimono slippers.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendship & mulling

2 years ago we moved from Dallas to Denver. We had many friends in Dallas. Sadly the contact with them has dwindled. They are no longer sharing their lives with us. Facebook has created a sense of connection. And in some, well very few case it has made connections better.

For me, creativity is just who I am. With vast skills and interests in making things, I can hang with almost any craft like crowd. Currently it feels like I am trying so hard to bring those friends in Dallas closer, when I quilt. In my heart, I am stitching piecing the world together 1 stitch at a time. There are however pieces of this life quilt that need to be frogged. Yet, we can't frog our lives.

Each friend has a block in this quilt, and as time goes on the quilt is being quilted as we go. There are some that I want to ask, "what do we have in common?"

Maybe we don't need to have anything in common; just enjoy each others company. That's what I will tell myself today.