Friday, December 31, 2010

I think I can

Reading 2 other blogs I stumbled across this:
Fabric Diet Challenge
A challenge not to by fabric until the 1st of March. I think I can.

It's a simple resolution. I don't usually make my resolutions public. I think I can.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

just had to say this

Where is the Fall? Almost 80 yesterday. First part of November & I live in Colorado close to the mountains. Denver specifically. Arg. Where is the snow? Last year at this time I was really getting into the snuggly blanket making. This year all I want is to be outside. That doesn't work for making Christmas gifts.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holy squeak!


Reading this mornings blogs. Also known as (for today) postponing the dreaded paper that I must write for class tomorrow. I have know about this paper for a bit of time, since the end of August. I found: Tea n bickies and her latest is wow to me check it out. Super cool. Just had to share.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bliss-fully bliss bliss bliss

A wonderful lady littlebluebell is this giving away:
A luverly fat quarter bundle. Bliss is quickly becoming a yummy favorite of mine. 

Me thinks it is time to hit a local shop & score some for myself. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Studio fairies

A few weeks ago, I posted a request for the Studio Fairies to visit me. Since then we have had a few wish bones. And sadness, no bones for me. I broke the bigger side & my wish didn't come true. Poo.

On the hexie front, it is time to start piecing the complex flowers. Background flowers are complete.

The basics of the quilt: finished size to be almost 4 foot by 7 foot, made of 3/4 inch hexagons, total number of hexies 2695 (making 385 flowers) 

Steps for the gargoyle:
Step 1: cut grey and black fabric squares.
Step 2: pin pieces to the not quite full size color guide.
Step 3: piece together flowers.
Step 4: piece lowers together.
Step 5: baste
Step 6: quilt
Step 7: bind

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hexy world

Woo Hoo not a post about a giveaway. It appears that is all I have been doing. Quiltland has not been productive for me as of late. The studio is a mess, *wishing for a fairy to come sort, fold & put away the stash. It has been there since we moved.

As I was looking thru this weeks blogs, I found this super cool set of hexies by Pings and needles. Very inspiring. Hopefully after the jewelry stuff has been posted on eBay I can get to the sewing machine & have some fun.

And the generosity continues

Good Morning Blogland,
The folks at AccuQuilt are at it again. alderwoodquilts has the wonderful opportuinity to giveaway an AccuQuilt GO! Bop on over there & check it out.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

more giveaways

I just came across another wonderful quilter spun sugar quilt and she is giving away some super fabulous stuff. Her tutorials are wonderful too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway

Generous, generous and more generous. fall-into-fall has created an awesome way to meet other quilters. All of the quilters are giving away some really cool stuff. So are the companies.


Quilters are some of the most generous people out there. Every time I turn around one of the blogs I follow is giving stuff away. See little-bluebell is giving away a yummy honeybun.


So totally not my grandmothers fabrics:[oct-7]-fandango-talk-about-fabric.html.

Its a layer cake by Katie Spain.

Friday, September 24, 2010

And yes quilting is a social art

This is what I want to study:

SOCY 548aThe Sociology of the Arts: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives.

This seminar examines sociological perspectives on the arts and popular culture. Emphasis is given to the conceptualization of the arts and popular culture within sociological theory, as well as the interpretation of cultural representations and artifacts, art works, film, music, literature, and so on. Students are exposed to a range of classical and contemporary perspectives and styles of analysis, from the normative to the strictly empirical.
How do I get there? Once I get there, what do I do with it?

In this era of globalization, many aspects of social life span national boundaries. In his book, Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson stressed the role of the media in creating nations. How does the relationship between art, culture, and society change when communities cross national borders? What role does the media play in creating new kinds of publics? Th is course examines the globalization of the artistic and cultural worlds and how artistic products change in response. We will look at high and popular cultural forms of painting, music, fi lm, and writing. We will explore the interactions between artists, their audiences, and the curators, editors, and music industry moguls who are the gatekeepers of the culture industry.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

oooohhhh Yummy

And odd thing is occurring: the more quilters I follow = the more giveaways there are.

This one is yummy, fun, funky Christmas fabric. I would make some welding hats for dad. And other quilty things for people. Maybe even a pair of the kimono slippers.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendship & mulling

2 years ago we moved from Dallas to Denver. We had many friends in Dallas. Sadly the contact with them has dwindled. They are no longer sharing their lives with us. Facebook has created a sense of connection. And in some, well very few case it has made connections better.

For me, creativity is just who I am. With vast skills and interests in making things, I can hang with almost any craft like crowd. Currently it feels like I am trying so hard to bring those friends in Dallas closer, when I quilt. In my heart, I am stitching piecing the world together 1 stitch at a time. There are however pieces of this life quilt that need to be frogged. Yet, we can't frog our lives.

Each friend has a block in this quilt, and as time goes on the quilt is being quilted as we go. There are some that I want to ask, "what do we have in common?"

Maybe we don't need to have anything in common; just enjoy each others company. That's what I will tell myself today.

Monday, August 30, 2010

More AccuQuilt Go! giveaway

What the heck is going on? This is the 3rd or maybe 5th person I have seen giving away the Accuquilt Go!. Seeing how badly I want one I think I will try to win by posting and such like. Just a Guy Who Quilts is giving another one away...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

AccuQuilt Go! & Hexies

This super cool gal at A Quilting Life is giving away an AccuCut Go! I just about fainted. Yes, I so want one. No, it's not in the budget says the man with the purse strings. This goes on every time we go to a store that has one. Then I pout. But this giveaway would be so awesome.

I do love all of the processes behind making a quilt. The choosing of fabric, the cutting (this tears at the heart), the piecing, then then borders, quilting it (especially now that I have figured out how to use the free-motion foot), the binding, but my favorite thing is the giving. My least favorite would be the cutting & truing of the blocks.

On a quilt, I start cutting the pieces, then ask the hubby to finish. For the past few months I have been trying to convince him that the AccuCut would make both of our lives easier. Still no go.

Crossing my fingers for the giveaway from Miss Sherri.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacationy Stuffs

So I was on vacation for 2 weeks & had the thought that I would blog about the progress of my projects. With photos & all. Every time I sat down at the computer to do so, I had to hurry & go back to work on them. I had 2 weeks to make from start to finish 4 quilts. This included designing them & making a design wall. The process is still quite slow for me. Then there was an issue with the quilting part of the quilts. And a road trip, and anniversary and birthday. All in all I got most of the list done. The last quilt is still being worked on because the backing decided that it wanted to be too small & I didn't notice it until the piece was all quilted. Arg!! Maybe after I finish redoing the backing & re-quilting that one I will post them & their process.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scott's Hexy

Ugh! Slow going I have only 31 of 385 flowers made since May 10th. Though sewing pairs and strips together make it go faster. So many damned little ones. This quilt will have the most pieces ever. 2695 hexagons! *faints* So yeah those flowers got tossed out. I really disliked the background. Found something better. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

They are slowly multiplying

Quick update on the massive hex quilt. 2695 hexagons make 385 flowers; I have 22 flowers done. Those 22 make up almost 1/2 of the solid blues that I need to make. After that its on to counting and matching the greys. Eek, gads I am a bit scared.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Meme Meme

I want to be perceived as witty, eloquent, and charming. Not trite or behind the curve. I quilt mostly. And mostly for gifts. I am a 30-something who feels lost in the world. Other things I like are wine, reading, and disc golf. As for being list I have gone back to school for a 2nd degree in Sociology with a digital media minor. Digital media, yeah that means I will probably have to do some posting and the like. The choice of degree and minor this time follows the same theory of last time. Art, my 1st BA, was harder for me to do than Math. 

See if it Sticks

So, I hate, and I mean really HATE blogging/posting. I would much rather have a good old fashioned conversation. The whole concept of throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks is not appealing in the slightest. And thats what this feels like. Alas, I will try to do this. Things like coming up with a name for the blog has got me completely stumped. Theres all these things I want it to be and yet I feel I fall very flat on it. My hope is to post something here once a month. My ambition is to post frequently, eloquently, witty and with everything spelled correctly. Oh wait, theres spell check for that.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sharing and mutants

I have a hard time remembering to share my work on the internet. My first step was to post completed quilts to my facebook page. I may start posting about the process, thanks Rossie & Modify Tradition.

A wee bit o'background: I have been quilting for about 5 years now. And I may create 5 quilts a year. Almost all of them are gifts. I am still learning the processes and I keep trying to make a better quilt. By that I mean, try with each quilt to make all of the corners line up exactly. My favorite part of the whole process is the creating of the quilt top, from choosing fabrics and the design to the cutting and sewing of the top. Well maybe not so much the cutting, if I ask really nicely my loving husband will grudgingly cut the pieces.
I love quilting and art. Yet over the years I have had a horrible time trying to verbalize and categorize my work. This is a super cool and lovely explanation of what my work is: We all have moments where we feel we are mutants. So I say embrace it and pass it along. Yet to embrace the mutant you have to know where you come from in order to pass it along. There are a few things in the article that I don't agree with.

As I grow as a quilter things get easier and as they become easy there forms an opening for more complex techniques. Not everything has to be super complex. There is a simplicity in the big blocks and Turning Twenty designs. My current piece is based on a technique that has been around for many centuries. No it's not "modern" yet the image is not traditional for the technique. I find it humorous that both the image and technique individually are many centuries old, yet somehow the combining of the two feels modern.

I feel the need to share this in many places. So, raise a glass to my first attempt to officially start blogging about my work. Ack! I am so scared...