Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacationy Stuffs

So I was on vacation for 2 weeks & had the thought that I would blog about the progress of my projects. With photos & all. Every time I sat down at the computer to do so, I had to hurry & go back to work on them. I had 2 weeks to make from start to finish 4 quilts. This included designing them & making a design wall. The process is still quite slow for me. Then there was an issue with the quilting part of the quilts. And a road trip, and anniversary and birthday. All in all I got most of the list done. The last quilt is still being worked on because the backing decided that it wanted to be too small & I didn't notice it until the piece was all quilted. Arg!! Maybe after I finish redoing the backing & re-quilting that one I will post them & their process.