Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendship & mulling

2 years ago we moved from Dallas to Denver. We had many friends in Dallas. Sadly the contact with them has dwindled. They are no longer sharing their lives with us. Facebook has created a sense of connection. And in some, well very few case it has made connections better.

For me, creativity is just who I am. With vast skills and interests in making things, I can hang with almost any craft like crowd. Currently it feels like I am trying so hard to bring those friends in Dallas closer, when I quilt. In my heart, I am stitching piecing the world together 1 stitch at a time. There are however pieces of this life quilt that need to be frogged. Yet, we can't frog our lives.

Each friend has a block in this quilt, and as time goes on the quilt is being quilted as we go. There are some that I want to ask, "what do we have in common?"

Maybe we don't need to have anything in common; just enjoy each others company. That's what I will tell myself today.