Saturday, August 31, 2013

Least favorite step

So here I was making a facebook post that just blew up into a rant. As to not offend any of the quilters there I thought the rant would do better here.

My weekend plan is to finish the quilts that are almost done I need 2 things: basting spray & thread. Guess I will either work on my hand piecing projects or start other quilts that have been in the planning stages. One quilt I ran out of thread 3/4 of the way though quilting it. ARG! Really I could use a third thing: backing fabric for the Batman quilt that is ready to go as well.

I need the basting spray because I don't like the results of pin or thread basting. Especially after DH pointed out that he things the true definition of insanity lies in pin/thread basting.

I really dislike basting. I wish it wasn't such a needed step. So much work for a temporary need. I guess the only way around not basting is getting a frame for my Beast. (Yes, I have named my main machine.) Or take them to the longarm shop. Hmm. Naw, I like quilting in my house with my music and such like.

My train of thought is quite scattered today. Just writing about the name of the machine spawned another post. And above where I mentioned thread, well keep your eyes open for that post as well.