Monday, August 26, 2013

Maybe a bit too Grand

So it seems my ambition is a bit to grand for this blog. Or blogging in general. I have yet to reach my goals of weekly or monthly posting. I love the idea of a blog and blogging . I just can't seem to motivate myself into writing. Maybe I should pick a word to work towards this year... motivate, start, create or DO. Maybe not DO as my title is Division Order Analyst. I DO all day long at work.

Current projects include:
  1. Dad's quilt ~ Northwest fabric in golds, blacks and blues in Bricks from Mountainpeek Creations. This was done for his birthday, but the batting bearded thus I have frogged and will requilt. 
  2. James' quilt ~ Batman
  3. Hootenanny ~ Brown, blue and green scraps from Dare to be Square Quilting; this one was almost done. I, however, disliked the quilting. So I just need to rebaste and set to motion.
  4. Rob & Solli's quilt ~ Red riding hood's path. Just needs a border then to be finsihed.
  5. Liam & Robbie's quilts ~ each are getting 1/2 of supermariobrothers; I can't wait to get the pattern from the printer.
  6. Sir Duke ~ a 4 foot by 7 foot hexi quilt of a gargoyle. The hexi's are 3/4 inch. There will be about 2695 hexi's.
  7. Steven & Sara's quilt is from Quilt Remix, the pattern is Log Cabin.
  8. I have started creating a plush toy for a baby. Super cute, paper pieced triangles. 
  9. The Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabric has begun its transformation into a quilt along. I can't wait to see the blocks. EXCITEMENT is building. 
Projects in the planning stages
  1. Flying geese pattern for my papa
  2. Ghastlies
  3. A quilt for my sister
  4. My Aunt & Uncle want a quilt
  5. Tons of folks in my life want a quilt.
  6. And my genius (sarcastically said) self has decided to make quilts for a pay it forward project that started this past January.
I know there are more. I am just running out of steam. The idea of posting photos is wonderful, except for all of the work of editing them. 

Since I am at it... I think I will end this post with a TTFN. And go start a post for each project in the works.