Saturday, August 24, 2013

Queen of Hexagons ~ I so want to be ;)

I  have to say that I am in love with paper piecing. I can spend hours just stitching away on them. I have done bowls and now am working on this lovely little toy. 

 This is crown 1 of 4. The pattern is from Kid Giddy

And I am still working on my gargoyle. Here is an image of the entire quilt laid out.

And this is the progress that I have made. He is to be about 4 feet by 7 feet. The hexagons are 3/4 inch. There is about 2700 of them. The photo had to be taken on an angle because I wanted the whole width in the shot. 

Holy cow, I have posted more this week than almost ever before. Don't get me wrong. I think about posting in regards to the projects that I am working on; then for one reason or another (like being too into the project to stop and take pictures.) Or writing a post feels like Blahhhh-ging. Or, or, or... I am trying to step up my game. The new goal is to write what I have learned in each project I tackle. 

And ending a post... how? Good bye for now? Sure. This time. Maybe ciao bellas next time. Of even TTFN!